Immigrant Investor Programme – Enterprise Category

Priority project areas to consider for IIP include:

  • Social Housing: in partnership with Approved Housing Body (AHB)
  • Nursing Homes: in partnership with Fair Deal
  • Primary Care: in partnership with the HSE
  • Climate change


Our preference is social housing projects that received full planning permission and are ready to develop. We also have an interest in whiskey distillery.


We understand the tourism sector is one of the most badly affected industries by Covid-19 pandemic at the moment. Our group owns an incoming tour operator/destination management company, and we have seen that part of our business went down to nearly zero since the beginning of 2020, when pandemic first started in China. We have seen coaches lying idles, hotels gone empty, public houses and restaurants are struggling to survive.

But unless there is a clarification that the tourism/hospitality sector will be accepted as an eligible project for IIP, there is nothing we can do to help.


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