Founders Introduction

Farrelly Crest


Founded on the end of 2015, Zatino Limited is a family business based in Ireland. Our business founder is Mr. James Farrelly, his family roots / history can be traced all the way back to King Richard “The Lion Heart” of England.

We have a strong root in both UK and Ireland, as we are decedents of Hercules Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead, GCMG, PC, was a British colonial administrator who became the 5th Governor of Hong Kong and subsequently, the 14th Governor of New South Wales, the first Governor of Fiji, and the 8th Governor of New Zealand. Our great great great grandfather came over to Ireland as a General in Oliver Cromwell`s army who conquered Ireland in 1700`s.



In modern days, the family is acting as an investment agents to serving some wealthy Asian families and bringing Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland.

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