Founders Introduction


Zatino Group, founded in 2015, is a family-owned business rooted in Ireland. Our family has a rich history spanning both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

On my mother’s side, our lineage can be traced back to King Richard I, famously known as “Richard the Lionheart, King of England.”

During the 1600s, my ancestors from my mother’s family settled in Ireland. They were the proud owners of Rosmead House & Estate. Among them was Hercules Robinson, a notable British colonial administrator who served as the 5th Governor of Hong Kong, the 14th Governor of New South Wales, the 1st Governor of Fiji, and the 8th Governor of New Zealand. He was honored as the 1st Baron of Rosmead.

Farrelly Crest

On my father’s side, the Farrelly family name, which includes variations such as Farrell and O’Farrelly, carries a true Irish legacy spanning several generations. Our name is linked to chieftains and the high kings of Ireland. The Farrelly family, deeply rooted in the Royal County of Meath, has a heritage of land ownership and a close connection to both national and international business networks.

At Zatino Group, we cherish our rich heritage and family values. It is with this legacy in mind that we approach our work, combining traditional values with a forward-thinking mindset. We strive to uphold the integrity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit inherited from our ancestors.

Through our family history and deep roots in Ireland, we bring a unique perspective and a profound understanding of the local market. We are committed to providing innovative financial, technological, and networking solutions to support cutting-edge businesses, ambitious entrepreneurs, and purpose-led organizations.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we embrace our heritage while shaping the future of the Zatino Group. Together, we can create success and make a lasting impact in the dynamic world of business.

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