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Zatino Group

Who we are:
Founded in 2015, Irish Zatino Group has long been closely cooperating with the Irish Migration Bureau, the Irish Tourism Bureau and the Irish Education Bureau. We provide a full range of Irish investment migration service, immigration service, entrepreneurial immigration service, business consulting, business research, oversea education service and family wealth management, UK and Ireland travel service, language exchange (including winter and summer camp), exhibition service, business inspection, professional training, investment and related legal accounting services, customer satisfaction is 100%, the industry has a good reputation.


What we do:
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business goal of “creating a brand into a first-class enterprise”, adhering to the business philosophy of “intentional culture and pursuit of excellence”, focusing on creating a corporate culture spirit centered on “learning, service and innovation”. .
After years of unremitting efforts, we have created a professional team with vitality and enterprising spirit. The competitiveness of the company has been continuously enhanced, and the development space of the enterprise has been continuously expanded, so that it will enter the benign cycle development track quickly and steadily.

Why choose us:
1, RICH EXPERIENCE: Successfully applied for immigration for many guests, successfully obtained the No. 4 visa.
2, PROFESSIONAL SOLICITOR TEAM: Several experienced immigration solicitors escort each guest.
3, STRONG CONTACTS: With the Irish Immigration Bureau, the Tourism Bureau has long-term cooperation to ensure the authenticity of the project.
4, MATURE COOPERATION MODE: It has reached a cooperative relationship with many mobile companies and law firms around the world, and has a relatively mature cooperation mode.
5, EASY ACCESS LOCATION: 5 minutes from the Irish Immigration Bureau, even if there is an emergency, you can arrive at the first time to solve the problem.

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